Spend the day to enjoy the unique gastronomical experience that you will never forget. Meals are prepared using natural resources available around the village and jungle. Taste the freshwater fish caught from the nearest river cooked in bamboo and fresh ‘ulam’ (edible plants). Take part in preparing the meals and learn their unique cultural heritage through blowpipe and weaving.


Location: Gopeng

Tribe: Semai

Price: MYR 180 (5 pax & above), MYR 210 (2-4 pax)

Date & Availability: Any date, please request at least one week before

Duration: Full day

Time: 9am – 5pm


  • Transfers to/ from Gopeng Guesthouse
  • Filtered drinking water (Please bring your own bottle)
  • Meals (1x lunch, 1x tea break)
  • Escorts
  • Activities
  • Basic facilities
  • First Aid


  • Gratuities
  • Insurance (Please add on)


  • The trip is community-based and aim to help the Orang Asli economically
  • Some amount of your fees will be donated to buy stuffs such as books, toys, food for the kids
  • Lunch is prepared by the Semai tribe, traditionally in bamboo
  • Expect to have freshwater fish from the nearest river, cassava (ubi kayu), ulam (vegetables) collected from the jungle and other traditional dishes
  • Enjoy refreshing dip into the river
  • Learn about traditional life and culture of the Semai Tribe
  • Learn to weave traditional accessories and other handicrafts using coconut leaves
  • Learn to use blowpipe (the way Orang Asli hunt animals for food)
  • Spend time with the Semai kids and play along their traditional games
  • Enjoy picture-perfect landscapes and village


  • Rajah Brooke Butterflies spotting MYR 20/ pax
  • Set animal traps (the way Orang Asli trap animals for food once) MYR 20/ pax
  • Rafflesia trekking MYR 50/ pax
  • Waterfall trekking MYR 50/pax

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