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Gopeng Guesthouse and Cafe is a laid-back place for travellers to stop and stay a while or simply mingle and have a good time in the open front cafe. In addition to providing accommodation and food, we offer exciting, adventurous outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting, waterfall abseiling, river tubing, sunset hiking, cave exploration and much more.The guesthouse is conveniently located directly across from Gopeng bus station. Drop by for a cold drink and a bite to eat or stay with us a little longer and explore what Gopeng has to offer.
Enjoy all in a relaxed ‘kampong’ house atmosphere.



Gopeng might be a small town but it has a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful landscape. Its surroundings include caves, jungle and river rapids making it a perfect hub for nature lovers. Whilst being amidst limestone hills and mountains, Gopeng is located approximately half an hour from 3 major cities; Batu Gajah to the west, Ipoh to the north and Kampar to the south.

Gopeng was home to many British and French tin mining companies before the collapse of Malaysian’s prosperous tin mining industry. There are still remnants of Gopeng’s rich history shown through its flourishing heritage however, nowadays this town is known for its delicious local cuisine and eco-tourism attractions.

Gopeng is surrounded by an abundance of nature from rocky river rapids to brightly colored flowers emerging from the jungle greenary. There are lots of wildlife roaming the Gopeng jungle; in particular, look out for the Rayah Brooke’s Birdwings (butterflies). There are many different viewpoints in Gopeng where you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape, especially at sunset.

Gopeng is a little town which is huge on promoting ecotourism, which is based on specific values, such as protecting the environment and bettering the lives of local people.  Therefore, residents like to preserve their natural surroundings to ensure the beauty of Gopeng remains long in to the future.

What We Do

Rooms & Rates

Currently we have 4 choices of bedrooms:

We offer the following facilities:

24-hour security, wall fan, laundry, lounge, 4 shared bathrooms, traditional games, book exchange 2 for 1, food prepared in our very own cafe, bicycle rental, transportation schedule, map to discover Gopeng and outdoor activities around Gopeng.



Gopeng Cafe is directly beneath Gopeng Guesthouse and offers a range of home cooked food and drinks. Take a look at our menu…



Our team are professional and passionate people who are interested to deliver unforgettable experience for you.


Find Us

No 10A, BWH DT (HS/11/5),
Jalan Sg Itek, 31600 Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia.

  • Take the Gopeng exit off the North-South Highway
  • At the Gopeng toll, take a right turn heading towards Gopeng town.
  • Take right turn at the Pasarayaku shop and go further to the town centre roundabout.
  • Take the second exit and turn left to the Gopeng Bus Station.
  • We are just opposite the bus station and taxi station.

Take an express bus to Aman Jaya Bus Station in Ipoh, then take a local bus to the local bus station Medan Kid. Look for a local bus number 66.
Take a train and stop at Ipoh station. Then continue with a local bus number 66 at Medan Kid.

Stop at Gopeng Bus Station, we are just opposite the bus station.

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No 10A BWH DT(HS/11/5),
Jln Sg Itek,
31600 Gopeng, Perak,


Tues-Sun: 5pm-12mid night
Mon: Close
Available all the time



Gopeng Guesthouse and Cafe

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